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I recently moved in to the Patriot Plaza Apartments and found my experience to be great. The transition and move went very smoothly. After moving in and working all week I went to the office on a Friday at 5:00 pm to get my mail box key. I realized just as the office staff did that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to pick-up the key until Monday. The staff was very polite and very professional in advising that they would see what they could do to have a mailbox key made for me before they close at 5:30pm. The apartment manager, the assistant manager, and the maintenance crew went above service level and made me a key in 20 minutes. There is only one thing to call this type of service "Exceptional".



I had a problem with my AC unit, Ced and his crew fixed it asap!! Great job guys


I have to say that I am well please with how much everything has turned around.. From the new management to the maintenance crew. Everything is a better improvement. I Had a problem with my tub and sink. And whe me and my wife called it was handled in a very professional way.. I like to thank Mr. Ced on the job he did.. the maintenance guys are the best


I love the staff here at Topaz. They are like family. Thru these hard times. They are very helpful. I wouldn’t trade them.


My kids and I love this place. When something is broke or don’t work they fix it right away. Always helpful and answerers there emails and phone. I love how my apartment looks. I love the outside of the place. Very well maintained. The staff is amazing.



We have lived in Topaz Plaza for 2 months now. When we were looking to move, Megan stepped right up and really made us feel welcome. She was super friendly and got the ball rolling with a quickness. There were a few small issues but Megan and her maintenance crew solved them with a quickness. It’s very peaceful here and the property is well maintained. Megan...Thank you for your caring and diligence! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I would definitely recommend Topaz Plaza!!!


We have moved since but before I left. New owners painted, fixed alot of problems, and really became a beautiful place.


I been staying out here since October i loved the new management when things needs fixing they fix it right away its very quiet and peaceful